Kids Against Plastic

Raising awareness of the negative effects of petroleum plastic on the environment.


Kids Against Plastic

Inspiring others to take action and do their bit for the planet


Kids Against Plastic

Picking up 100,000 pieces of plastic beverage items.


Kids Against Plastic

Campaigning to get single-use petroleum plastic bottles off UK supermarket shelves



Two Girls with Big Ambitions

and determination to have an impact

Hi! We’re Amy and Ella Meek! We’re 13 and 11 years old and not long ago, we were just ordinary kids – that was until we came across the UN’s Global Goals and got inspired to do our bit for the planet.

After finding out about plastic bottle’s negative effect on the environment, we launched our campaign Kids Against Plastic, which has 4 main aims:

  1. Help give people in the UK a CLEAR understanding of the environmental effects of our use and misuse of single-use plastic
  2. Give UK people CLEAR and easy-to-do ideas of things they can do to reduce their single-use footprint
  3. CLEAR 100,000 pieces of single-use plastic beverage items and microplastics from the environment
  4. CLEAR single-use plastic bottles off the shelves of UK supermarket

Please sign our petition!

Urging UK supermarkets to stock non-plastic alternatives:

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Halfway through Klean Kanteen challenge

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It’s the middle of July and we’re managing to keep up with our plastic free lifestyle! We have been keen to refuse the Big Four Polluters (plastic bags, coffee cups, straws, and bottles) for a while now but have tried to avoid buying all single-use plastic. This is not an easy task but having reusuables like our Klean Kanteen products from Whitby and Co has helped.

Running Total of Litter Pick Up & Hall of Fame

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33,761 pieces of plastic litter picked up to date!
We’re aiming to pick up 100,000 plastic bottles, lids, cups, straws (and microplastics) from all around the globe – beaches, forests, road-sides, anywhere we find them. Along with others who wish to help us reach our total, and do their bit for the planet, we’re making progress – all of which is recorded in this blog post.

Why shouldn’t you drink bottled water?

Is it really that bad?

We need your help!

Get involved and make a difference

We need your help to tackle the issues associated with plastic and make a change. Find out about our Plastic Clever Cafes scheme, help us collect 100,000 pieces of plastic beverage litter or sign our petition on, urging UK supermarkets to stock alternatives to bottled water that are more environmentally friendly.