Help save the earth! Introduce non-plastic bottled water to supermarket shelves

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A petition to see more non-plastic bottled water alternatives on our supermarket shelves.
If the supermarkets give us more choices to buy non-plastic bottled water alternatives (such as cartons, boxes or cans) then we will see a win-win situation — we will benefit as consumers, and the Earth will benefit from a reduction in the use and abuse of single-use plastic bottles.

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Running Total of Litter Pick Up & Hall of Fame

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59,100 pieces of plastic litter picked up to date!
We’re aiming to pick up 100,000 plastic bottles, lids, cups, straws (and microplastics) from all around the globe – beaches, forests, road-sides, anywhere we find them. Along with others who wish to help us reach our total, and do their bit for the planet, we’re making progress – all of which is recorded in this blog post.

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eXXpedition: the plan

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This summer we are travelling around the country with eXXpedition; a group of women that are trying the raise awareness of the negative effects that plastic can have on the human body. These female scientists, sailors, artists and film-makers will be sailing around Britain collecting samples of plastic in the ocean along the way.

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