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Global Goal 14 – what it means to me

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All the issues raised by the Global Goals campaign are important but the one that I feel passionate about is Life Below Water (goal number 14). There are so many other threats that face animals as well as this. We decided to focus on plastic pollution in the ocean and try to stop any more plastic getting into the sea. A key part of The Global Goals as well as being educated about them and telling everybody, is to take action.

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Doing Our Bit – how Goals 12, 13 & 14 fit in our campaign

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There are 17 Global Goals in total and, whilst each and every one of them is important and tackles issues around the world, it would impossible to spread yourself thinly and aim to contribute towards all seventeen, therefore choosing those that are important to you and / or those that possibly have a direct impact on your life and those around you would be a sensible option. Therefore, our DoYouRBit campaign focuses on a three of the Global Goals: goal 12 Responsible Consumption, goal 13 Climate Action and goal 14 Life Below Water.

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