It’s the middle of July and we’re managing to keep up with our plastic free lifestyle! We have been keen to refuse the Big Four Polluters (plastic bags, coffee cups, straws, and bottles) for a while now but have tried to avoid buying all single-use plastic. This is not an easy task but having reusuables like our Klean Kanteen products from Whitby and Co has helped.

Klean Kanteen products

We have a selection of Klean Kanteen products that we use; these include bottles, tumblers, coffee cups, steel pint cups, straws and food canisters. They are not only light and easy to carry around but stylish and great for keeping things hot and cold (which has been useful in the hot weather recently).

My sister and I take a packed lunch to school and use the food canisters for keeping our salads and fruit in. They not only look cool but keep the stuff inside cool as well. We’ve been the envy of our friends at school!
We also always take our water bottles with us wherever we go and fill them up rather than buy plastic bottled water. The bottles (in various funky colours) have wide necks, making them easy to fill up, and the sports lid has an easy to use cap that lets out a constant stream.

Our parents also have taller 800ml bottles with loop caps – these are handy with a carabiner attached when we are out walking.

As well as bottles we’ve also been using the insulated coffee cups and tumblers. We’re not coffee drinkers but our parents love them! They’ve taken them to work, on journeys and on some of our family adventures. They are insulated and able to keep the drinks hot for up to eight hours (or 24 hours for cold drinks!).
We have tumblers with two different lids – one for sipping out of and the other for straws. We have the used the latter more since we love smoothies and milkshakes. We use them at home and take them to cafes with us so that we don’t have to use the plastic cups that they offer. The straws have a straight metal section with a rubber part at the end, where your mouth goes, which makes it more comfortable to drink from. The straws come with a brush for cleaning that has bristles made from natural palm fibres rather than plastic ones.

The steel pint cups haven’t been used yet but I know that our parents will be using them at the festivals that we are attending later this year. Festivals have a bad reputation for producing lots and lots of single-use plastic waste. We always avoid this by taking along our reusable bottles and cups and my parents will be refusing the plastic cups and taking along their steel pint cups instead.

All of this has equipped us for a month of going plastic free and clearly so far it’s working! Keep updated to see how the rest of July goes!