Last week we helped out on the Incredible Oceans stand as part of the Ocean festival at the London Excel. We were there to help out and spread the word about how plastic is affecting our environment; we ran our Water Table for the three days as well as doing our talks and song twice a day.

 The Incredible Oceans stand was… incredible! A huge, lifesize inflatable sperm whale was perched on top of the stand as well as plenty more lifesize inflatable dolphins, seals, sharks, whales, turtles and other underwater animals inside. With underwater noises and lighting this stand had a magical feel. There were quiz booklets to answer with help from the staff and even films about plastic in the oceans.

After learning about the world underwater the display then moved on to the serious issue of plastic in the ocean. Facts about its devastating effect were on display along with a small section of plastic bottle lids that were collected from Rame peninsular. This was only part of a long chain (over a kilometre). A turtle made from plastic bags was also on show – this was made by a fourteen year old girl who had been inspired the stand the previous year. We were lucky enough to meet her when she came to the stand and hope to work with her in the future.

The last section of the stand focused on the solutions to the problem and offered alternatives that we as consumers need to consider buying. There were non-plastic alternatives on display here and there was a photo booth where visitors could have their photos taken, dressed up in handmade plastic items, holding up signs promising to #Refuse4Good (the festival and our campaign hashtag that encourages people to refuse the four big single-use plastic polluters: bags, bottles, cups and lids and straws).