Klean Kanteen Challenge

By July 1, 2017#Refuse4Good, Blog

Klean Kanteen products that we’ll be using for our Klean Kanteen challenge during July.

Plastic Pollution

The negative issues associated with plastic have become a regular item on the news and we are all becoming increasingly aware of how plastic is chocking our planet and causing devastating effects on our wildlife.

A shocking proportion of the plastic that we use (approximately 60%) is single-use, created using large amounts of water and fossil fuels but only used once before being thrown away; this is an enormous waste of resources and is creating a vast amount of plastic pollution. Plastic does not biodegrade and will continue to exist in some form on our planet for hundreds of years.


We strongly believe that we should be trying to avoid single-use plastic, particularly the Big 4 Plastic Polluters (plastic bags, cups & lids, bottles and straws) and try to encourage others to #Refuse4Good (refuse the Big 4 for the good of the planet) by using re-usable items such refillable bottles, reusable bags, cups and straws. It not only helps the planet but can save you money as well.

Klean Kanteen Challenge

For the month of July, we are doing a ‘Klean Kanteen Challenge’ using a range of Klean Kanteen products provided by Whitby & Co. TheĀ  company, that sell a range of Klean Kanteen’s safe, healthy, reusable containers, cups and bottles, has challenged us reduce the amount of plastic that we use when we eat, out and about. So, we are aiming to not only refuse to purchase the 4 Big Polluters but avoid purchasing plastic packaged lunch products, and instead make our own healthy lunches. We’ll be taking out our refillable bottles, cups / beakers, straws and food containers.

We want as many people as possible to #Refuse4Good so keep checking what we get up to throughout this month with our Klean Kanteen products and try to avoid single-use plastic yourself. Not only will you be doing your bit to save the planet, but you’ll also be saving money by using reusables. Please spread the word and #Refuse4Good.

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