If we’re going to try slow the demand for plastic bottles, or stop it all together, we need non-plastic alternatives on the supermarkets shelves for people to buy. And the thing is – they’re out there! The only issue is that the UK supermarkets don’t think there’s a demand for drinks packaged in anything other than plastic, and so don’t see the need to stock them.

But we’re all consumers… we have, overall, the upper hand, as supermarkets value our choices above most other things. So we need show UK supermarkets that there is a demand for non-plastic drinks alternatives.

We’ll do most of the work. All you need to do to give us a hand is pop your name and email address onto our petition, urging the supermarkets to stock alternatives to plastic, and we’re well on the way.

So please… if you want to see alternatives to plastic bottles on the supermarket shelves, sign our petition and let’s make it happen.

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