Kids Against Plastic – Our Plastic-Clever Initiative

40% of the plastic generated every year is single-use – the items we buy from shops and, in particular, cafes when we’re thirsty or hungry, and yet have no option but to purchase plastic.

This percentage could be decrease drastically if we all made the effort to refuse plastic but, as we always ramble on about, there currently aren’t the options. That’s why we’ve begun our new initiative, encouraging and working with cafes to become ‘Plastic-Clever’.

What is our ‘Plastic-Clever’ initiative?

Following the success of Yestival, probably the first ever plastic-clever festival, we’re working with cafes to reduce their plastic footprint and swap the single-use for non-plastic alternatives, or at least promote the use of reusable alternatives. We’re confident that this is something that can be done, and Yestival has proven that – not only was it fairly simple to stock environmentally friendly packaging, the response from the festival goers was brilliant.

Make a change – become ‘Plastic Clever’

Hopefully, your café is willing to do their bit for the planet and help reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic that is circulated throughout society. If so, there are two levels to our plastic clever initiative: Plastic Clever and Plastic Clever+. 

Download the criteria for either the Plastic Clever Award or the Plastic Clever+ Award.

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