We were really happy with the amount of people that got involved with our Refuse 4 July campaign last July. It was great to see the amount of people who wanted to make a change, if just for a month, and made a conscious effort to say ‘No straw, please’ when ordering a drink, or took a reusable bottle with them to avoid purchasing a plastic one. So, when the month finally drew to a close, we decided to continue the challenge – but not just for another month.

Hopefully, Refuse 4 July made people appreciate that it isn’t that hard to refuse single-use plastic, if you make an effort. So, we began #Refuse4Good, encouraging people to refuse single-use plastic cups, straws, bags and bottles (the ‘Big 4’ plastic polluters, as we call them) in their everyday lives – for good. Of course, this isn’t a pledge that we’ll hold you to – it’s more about encouraging everyone to make the conscious effort to refuse the Big 4 for the interest of the planet, just like in Refuse4July.

We’re not saying that it’s going to be simple to #Refuse4Good – but sometimes, doing the best for the planet does take commitment.

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